Request a quote from a translator

There are two ways to request a quote from a translator:

  • From the Translator Search page; you can directly request a quote from the Translator Search page by clicking Request Quote next to your translator of choice.

Request quote from translator search page

  • From a translator’s profile page; you can request a quote by clicking the Request Quote button directly below their profile image.

Request quote from translator profile page

  • Whichever method you use, a popup will display the jobs for which this translator can provide a quote. Only jobs which you have already created will display in the popup. Select one or more jobs then click Request Quote, and the request will be sent to the translator.

Request quotes for jobs selected

  • Requesting a quote is not the same as assigning the job. Once the translator has provided a quote, this will appear in the job’s Quotes tab, alongside all the other quotes received in the job’s Quotes tab. You can then select the best quote and assign the job to your chosen translator.