If a translator/proofreader misses the job deadline

In rare cases, a translator may miss the job deadline.

  • In this situation, the best approach is to first make contact with the translator through the job’s Documents & Messaging tab. To access a job’s Documents & Messaging tab, first click on the job in the Manage Jobs area, then click on its Documents & Messaging tab. You can communicate with the translator by typing in the Send a message box and hitting Send.

Documents and messaging

  • If a job is late, you also have the option to cancel the job, using the Job Menu. In this situation, your deposit will be refunded and the job will end.

Cancel Job

  • If a translator submits completed documents after the job deadline, you can choose whether to accept the documents or to cancel the job.

Accept or reject documents

  • If you choose to accept the documents, you are then obliged to pay for the job, in accordance with Hyperlingo’s Terms and Conditions for Translation Service.

  • If you choose to cancel the job, the job will be moved to your job Archive tab, which is located in the Manage Jobs area.