Translator Beta Testing

Hyperlingo is seeking quality translation professionals to assist us with the beta testing of and Translators with proficiency in one or more of the following language pairs are preferred: English to Spanish, English to German, and English to French. Attention to detail and good communication skills are important for the duration of testing. Six translators chosen by us, meeting the criteria set forth in the description, will be paid a one time $25 USD commission and have the opportunity to bid on the translation of Hyperlingo’s help pages. Three translators will be chosen for the translation jobs, one for each of the language pair pairs previously listed.

Beta testing will require the creation of a translator profile on the Hyperlingo app, to include language pairs, rates, experience, contact information, resume, bio and a profile picture. Please be thorough and sell yourself, as we are a potential client that will be looking for the same talent as future clients using this site. A valid Paypal account linked to your profile is required to receive payment for translation services as well as the flat rate commission upon completion. This will also aid in beta testing of the payment process. The main goal of beta testing the website is to identify and correct potential issues with the platform, ultimately making it a more functional tool for all users. Without a doubt, the most valuable part of the beta test is the feedback we receive from you, the translators. We want to maintain close communication with you throughout the testing phase, so we can assist you when needed and identify and discuss potential problems with the platform as they are found.

If you are interested in participating in the beta test, we encourage you to review Hyperlingo’s legal terms at: before proceeding to Login/Register and creating a profile. Once you have created a translator profile, please contact us by email at: and include the words “Beta Test” as the subject heading, doing so will aid us in identifying those interested in working with us for the duration of test. If you have an existing Hyperlingo profile and wish to assist us with the beta test, please verify that your account meets the requirements listed above and then contact us by email.

Hyperlingo is not only inviting you to work with us on these tasks, we are also looking for professionals who would be willing to use the service for their own benefit, once it is up and running to its full potential.

Thank you for your interest!

Hyperlingo Team