The Ultimate Guide to Learning a Language Overseas

August 15 2015 by Guy

If you want to learn a language well, and learn it quickly, there is no better alternative to living, studying and working in a country where it is spoken. By truly immersing yourself in a language and experiencing how people use it in everyday life, you can develop a level of understanding of the nuances of a language which you would never get from a textbook. As well as being a great way to build language skills, living and studying in another country is often a life-changing experience, putting you in touch with new cultures, new people and new experiences.

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CAT Tools – The Definitive Guide

August 7 2015 by Guy

Firstly, just to be clear, this article is not about tools designed for the use of cats. That would be a different article. CAT stands for Computer Assisted Translation, and refers to the various productivity tools available to the 21st century translator. CAT is not the same as machine translation, where a translation is produced (often badly) by a computer. Rather, CAT tools help to automate easily-automatable parts of the translation process, leaving the human (that’s you) to focus on the real business of translating.

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A Quick & Dirty Guide to Working in Translation

July 12 2015 by Guy

By 2022, the number of jobs in translation is set to grow by almost a half, making it one of the world’s fastest growing careers. Translation is also one of the highest paying occupations, with good translators often taking home six-figure salaries. On top of that, working in translation offers huge flexibility: while some translators work in offices, the reality is that with a laptop and an internet connection, translators can live and work wherever they like, whether it’s a beach in Southeast Asia or a cabin deep in the woods.

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