hyperlingo is an online translation marketplace that connects freelance translators to buyers of translation services.

Our vision is to create a meritocratic free market for translation services based on fairness and free flows of information. Our mission is to provide the best translator for the job, in terms of price, quality, speed and service.


In 2009, while deciphering the menu in an absinthe bar in Hamburg, co-founders Carl and Guy mused on how to find the right translator for the job.

Guy was working as a translator at the time, and lamented that translators were being paid very little. Large agencies were charging their clients significantly more than they paid their translators. They could do this because they controlled the flow of information between the client and the translator, preventing the two sides from communicating directly. Translators had no choice but to work for agencies, as they were the only major buyers of their services. Buyers had no realistic alternatives either, as agencies were the only major sellers of translation. Large agencies had both a monopsony and a monopoly, and were functioning as the ‘supermarkets’ of the translation world.

As the flames danced in their glasses, they resolved to break this control over information, and the vision of hyperlingo came into focus.

hyperlingo would be a place where translators and agencies market their services directly to clients; a global marketplace where buyers could purchase high quality translation at affordable prices; a free market where translators could charge fair rates and be justly rewarded!

In the years since that conversation, they learned a great deal about starting a business and building technology. They made many mistakes along the way, but have persevered. hyperlingo is the result of not giving up on something they truly believed in.

Join us in the fulfilling the founders’ original mission to improve working conditions for translators, and reduce costs and improve quality for buyers. hyperlingo is here to serve you, and we hope that you lend us your support.



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